There’s a lot to love about Chandler. Just recently the city had the distinction of being ranked ninth among the best-run cities in the country. In addition, Chandler received a coveted spot among the ten “all-American Cities”! I could tell Chandler was special when I moved to the East Valley in 1990, so I began serving the city in various capacities not long after my arrival, and then made Chandler my own home in 2002.

Running for Council was not something I planned to do, but the encouragement and support of many business and community leaders had led me to take that step of service on the City Council. I am honored to have been serving now since 2013. I am so grateful to have been re-elected for my second, and last term. The most rewarding aspect of the getting elected has been meeting so many different Chandler residents along the way. I have been working to reach our entire city with a positive vision for Chandler’s future and ongoing prosperity. I believe a good leader is humble and listens to others for the best results and solutions. While I have a lot of experience and the qualifications necessary to lead, I don’t pretend to have all the answers. No one person does. It takes all of us communicating and working together. That’s why I am here to listen, and why I’m putting my home phone number on the front page of my website. I would love to hear your vision and desires for our city—and to get better acquainted! I hope you’ll feel free to call me any time: 480.496.7114.

As successful as our city is, like the rest of the state and country we are still facing some challenges associated with this economy. My number one focus has been in getting our residents back to work. In my time on Council, I have worked regularly with businesses to promote job creation, economic development and business retention.. In addition, I have focused on the fight to keep our neighborhoods safe and beautiful. These two areas, in the context of fiscal responsibility, are areas I know well, and will continue to be my priorities as your City Councilwoman. I will strive to move Chandler even higher on the national rankings and push to reach new heights of prosperity.

During my time on Council I started Operation Welcome Home, a program that honors our Veterans that have served away from home. We show our appreciation to our Veterans and their families in a patriotic ceremony in our Council Chambers with the Mayor, Council Members and many residents watching with deep appreciation.

Thank you for the honor of your vote and confidence for me to serve another term on the Chandler City Council. Together, I know we can make the city we love an even better place to live, work and raise a family. Thank you again, for re-electing me! God bless you!

Nora Ellen